Welcome to the Iowa 4-H Cook This! Blog

Hello 4-H culinary crafters!  Welcome to the blog for the 2013 Iowa 4-H Cook This! Culinary Competition!   This blog will house all the information you need to know for the contest.  Each post will be labeled with which age level the post is for, but even if it’s not specifically for you, read it!  Information posted on the blog is information that you should know for the contest.  Some posts may just be a feature story of a new or developing topic in the food world, and others will be necessary info for you.  In order to get notifications of new posts, follow these instructions to follow the page:

1. Go to https://4hcookthis.wordpress.com/ (you should be there now)

2. Look in the lower right-hand corner of the window for a small black button that says “+Follow” and click it

3. Enter your email address and click sign me up!

You should now be able to receive notifications through your email.  If not, please email me at 4hcookthis@gmail.com and I will help you get set up.  I will also email everyone each time I post something just in case! Be sure to watch for email notifications for new posts and like Iowa 4-H on Facebook to keep up to date with new posts and competition information.  Also, follow us on Twitter for updates and notifications at @4hcookthis.  Get ready to turn up heat and start cooking!


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