Food Science: More than Baking Soda and Vinegar Volcanoes-Seniors

Everyone has seen the science fair volcanoes that bubble over from mixing baking soda and vinegar. But food science has so much more to offer than just a blue ribbon! Food science has grown into a new and exciting career field. Food careers have grown very quickly in recent years and have shown great promise. After all, food will always be there and there will always be people to eat it! Food itself is a science, involving chemistry, biology, and even anatomy. Food chemistry involves how foods interact with each other. Biology and anatomy are also important, especially with animal products. Food science is important when you want to understand why your breads rise and why your broccoli turns a gross green when you cook it too long. Knowing the reasons behind food science can improve not only your cooking, but your eating habits as well! If you know how your food functions in your body, you know what types of foods your body wants and needs.

Check out this link for some information on careers in food science and human nutrition at Iowa State University:

Seniors! Look at this document for all your food science information you need for the food science challenge for Cook This!: Food Science Challenge Info-Seniors

The competition is close! Keep working hard!


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